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Police Being Investigated for Use of K-9 Dog

When you think of a K-9 dog you think of protection but you have a deep respect for the K-9 as well as the officer who has the dog. You don’t normally just assume that an officer would allow his exceptionally trained dog to maul on someone but sometimes that happens.

Local news have found a police body cam video that shows a cop allowing a K-9 to bite an unarmed, naked man. This happened for over forty seconds and this was after the officers had pinned the man to the ground. Talk about a little bit of an overkill. Sure let the dog sniff out the guy, and maybe even bite him once if the man keeps resisting, but for a long period of time is just horrible.

Understandably it took the police officers to locate the man that was hiding in the rustic canyon area. The area is filled with homes and a high school. The police believe that the man was under the influence of a controlled substance. The man later told local news that he was indeed under the influence. Now the brute force is more understandable, however is it ever okay to allow a dog to attack a suspect for a long time? Just because he used tone?

When someone is under the influence of certain drugs it causes them to do some pretty crazy things and be very unpredictable. You don’t know what they’ve used or how they will react to the drug so you have to be cautious and work fast to take control of the situation.

The police video shows the officers asking the naked man to walk up the hillside towards them. The man complies with their commands until he gets to the top of the canyon.

You can hear the police ordering the man to “turn around, turn around”. The man says no multiple times and in a defiant voice. When people get hostile the police have no choice but to keep themselves and everyone else as safe as possible.

Two seconds later, without warning the K-9 officer gave his police dog the command to “bite” the subject. The dog,of course complies immediately. After the dog attacks, four officers pin the man to the ground, they left the dog to keep biting the man for at least 44 seconds. Other officer at the scene hold the suspect down and then cuff him. Seems a little shady to me, you can call the dog off after you have control of the situation. The dog is an aide, not a trained killer.

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