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Wednesday Night Police Chase Ends By Pit Maneuver

Hump Day, aka Wednesday is usually the day that everyone gets a little bit of life back in them. You’ve pretty much beat the tough work week and you’re starting to make those weekend plans. Most people anyways.

Hump Day got a little exciting, scary for some LAPD Officers who were involved in a police chase this evening. According to the report, the Police had to pursue a white, four door, Chevy Impala across several freeways and even a surface street tonight. The chase finally ended when the police had to use a PIT maneuver to take control of the situation.

Officers End Police Chase of Suspected DUI Driver

According to Officer, Jack Richter from the LAPD Media Relations team,the police chase started rather late in the day, at ten, forty at night. The police had tried to stop a driver who they suspected was DUI.

Right after eleven o’clock that night, one of the patrol cars spun the fleeing suspect’s vehicle using a PIT maneuver.  This happened near Vineland and Chandler in North Hollywood.  After the car came to a stop, several people immediately jumped out of the vehicle and took off running on foot. Seriously? You’re in enough trouble, why in the world would whoever was involved take off running? That hardly ever works.

The driver of the vehicle has been taken into custody and the other four passengers that was inside of the vehicle were also rounded up by the police officers.

See, told ya. It rarely works out, running from the cops. If you’re breaking a law or doing something as stupid as Driving Under The Influence or even riding along with someone doing that, then you deserve to get caught. Take your punishment like an adult.

Source: https://ktla.com/2015/01/14/lapd-pursuing-possible-drunk-driver-across-several-socal-freeways/

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