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Police Dog Bites College Student

Dog bites can sometimes be harmless or they could sometimes become deadly. You just never know what could cause an animal to react, no matter how trained or well behaved they are. Even Police dogs have their moments.

According to a report, a Army reservist and college student was mauled by a police dog. She has agreed not to sue the Police department, but it comes at a hefty fee from the City at $200,000.

Twenty-two year old London Colvin will end up getting $199,750. She agreed to sign a deal, promising that she will not sue the city or the police officers who had control of the dog at the time.

Student Gets Attacked by Police Dog

Colvin was attacked in January 2015. She was attacked close to the Norfolk State University. According to the reports, the officers held Colvin down and tried to handcuff her. Her father was there at the time of the incident.

He (Norman Colvin) has said that his daughter needed 43 stitches as well as plastic surgery for the gaping hole in her leg.

Richard James Statement:

It’s probably one of the worst dog bites I’ve seen,She’s lucky she didn’t bleed to death.

Before ever agreeing to give Colvin a settlement, the city had already started paying the medical bills, including $9,000 in medical bills. As well as her emergency room visit and psychiatric treatment.

Colvin’s lawyer, Jon Babineau has said that his client had to beg the officer not to let the dog bite her. Colvin was held down on the ground by two officers while the K-9 officer as well as another officer just watched.

The K-9 officer told Colvin to put her hands on her side, however when she was taken down by the two officers her arms were under her, and being pinned to the ground, she couldn’t move.

Babineau’s Statment:

The officer told her, ‘If you don’t show me your hands, I’m going to put the dog on you. As the dog was attacking and eating her leg, she pulled a hand out and ripped the skin off her hand and knuckles.

Colvin begged the officer not to turn the dog loose, however the officer did it any way.

On Friday, Colvin was quiet and didn’t want to talk about the incident or a settlement. She just wanted things to go back to normal. Her attorney said that she has returned to Norfolk State and is still working in the Army Reserves.

The police charged Colvin the day of the attack. Apparently she was “disorderly conduct and resisting arrest”, according to the General District Court records. Two weeks later the prosecutors dropped all charges.

Just four days after the attack the Norfolk Police Chief, Michael Goldsmith called the force that the two officers used against Colvin was “unreasonable”. However two months later, he was singing a tougher tune. It was announced that the four officers involved were no longer with the department.

In addition to them leaving, he also revised the department’s K-9 policy. The chief said that the policy had too much room from “interpretation” so he took care of that and fixed that “shortcoming”.

Colvin seems pretty happy with the outcome and continues to say she just wants life to go back to normal and keep doing what she’s been doing. Minus the police drama of course.

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