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Motorcycle Officer In Critical Condition After Crash

On Saturday, April 5th an motorcycle officer from the Los Angeles Police Department was in critical condition after a multi-vehicle crash. There was a woman arrested in the Sun Valley area for the crash.

The crash happened at the intersection of Lankershim Boulevard and Saticoy Street around five thirty that evening. According to the authorities, the officer that was injured was apparently waiting at a stop light then was struck from behind by an SUV that didn’t stop for the light. The impact cause the motorcycle to hit the car in front of it, leaving the motorcycle trapped between the two vehicles.

Alicia Garcia, eye witness of the motorcycle crash

As soon as it impacted with him, the officer flew up and landed back onto his motorcycle. Half of his body was over his motorcycle — the front part.

Other bystanders, as well as Alicia rushed to help the victims in the crash.

Alicia talks about the accident

A civilian was able to grab the officer’s walkie-talkie and called it in. Within a minute, they were here and they were able to get to him.

The police officer that was injured was send to Providence Holy Cross Medical Center in Mission Hills. He is still in critical condition. The twenty-six year old officer is a veteran of the force.

Sgt. Frank Preciado’s statement about Motorcycle Police

They go through a different kind of driving course, to try to anticipate some individuals. But, as you can see, it’s very difficult when someone’s coming from behind you.

The intersection had remained closed for several hours after the accident so that the investigators could collect evidence and investigate the scene.

The woman driver of the SUV was arrested for a narcotics DUI. Thirty-three year old, Qaneak Cobb of the Pacoima area was arrested on Saturday around 6:10 in the evening. The bail was set at $185,000. According to Sgt. Kurt Smith, Qaneak had quite a few prior arrests. The police officer’s condition was stable, but critical.

Read more: https://ktla.com/2014/04/05/motorcycle-officer-critical-after-multi-vehicle-collission-in-sun-valley/#ixzz2yA0dRLRc

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