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13 Middle School Students Injured in School Bus Accident

Thirteen students from de Zavala Middle School were sent to the hospital after the school bus they were on was in an accident with a car Thursday night. The School District spokesperson said that two of the students were still hospitalized for observation around 5 o’ clock that evening.

Around noon is when the accident occurred. The accident happened at the corner of Tascosa Road and Coulter Street in northwest Amarillo.

The school district spoke with the parents of the thirteen students that were taken to the local hospital. The Police reported that there was 42 children on the bus. Another bus came to pick up the children who were not injured. The kids were on their way for a field trip but sources didn’t know where they were heading.

Police reported that the Pontiac was traveling west and as it was making a left turn it crashed into the school bus. The Police said that the driver of the car was taken to the hopital as well, and suffered serious but not life threatening injuries. The local fire department is in charge of the investigation.

This is the first year that AISD used First Student Inc. as a bus service. According to First Student Inc’s website the bus service provides bus service for more than 1,400 school districts across the country.

First Student Spokesperson says:

The safety of all of the students we transport is a core value of First Student and a responsibility we take very seriously

When accidents like this happen AISD tries to inform and updates the parents of the Children who were involved or affected. In this particular accident the police were called and administrators were sent to accompany the students to the hospital, some back to school, and to accompany parents to the hospital as well.

One of the other buses that carries AISD students were also in a wreck Thursday afternoon near Bowie. AISD officials said that the bus that was carrying Amarillo High cheerleaders to the state volleyball tournament in Garland, was involved in an accident but thankfully no serious injuries were reported. An AISD official said she could not remember two accidents ever occurring in such a small time period. She also said that they haven’t had any feedback from the parents of those children who were involved in the collisions.

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