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Hit and Run Driver Killed a Woman in Rancho Bernardo

On Sunday, May 28th a search began for a  hit and run driver that killed a women in the Rancho Bernardo that evening.

The lady was a sixty-two year old who was walking on the sidewalk along with her Husband at the intersection of Rancho Bernardo Road and the Bernardo Center Drive. This happened just before 8:30 in the evening on Saturday. This is when a car jumped the curb and hit the 62 year old lady.

Boian Spassov, the hit and run victim’s child

That’s all my dad has is my mom. That’s what they lived for. My mom was a very smart and caring person. She always put herself last. She always put other people first

The sixty-two year old woman’s name was Anouchka “Annie” Mihaylova.  Annie’s livelihood was trying to save lives. She was a scientist that was doing research for the artificial heart a UCSD.

The devastated son, Spassov said that his parents just want to help people and “It just was not right.”

Annie was sadly killed on that Saturday night when a car jumped onto the curb. The car hit her then sped off making it a hit and run case. Ty Cervantes was nearby and tried to help her the best he could, he performed CPR and tried to find her pulse.

Ty Cervantes statement about finding the hit and run victim

It was very faint. But I could feel it. And I started on her right away and I didn’t stop until help arrived. 

According to the San Diego Police Lt. Paul Rorrison, they are looking for a silver sedan type of vehicle. If anyone sees a vehicle like that with some front end damage they are asked to call the San Diego Police Department.

Spassov is still in shock and Doesn’t Understand

You know just…took away half of my family and I don’t know who that person is. It’s just…why. Why’d you run away? I never understood that…just a coward thing to do…would love to get some closure


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