Semi Truck Accident injures Policeman and Pedestrian

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Semi Truck accident could leave the driver charged with negligence

This summer when a Semi Truck smashed into a police car and injured the police man, a pedestrian, and himself it left everyone wondering what happened and why? Everyone is still alive but came out with “moderate” injuries.

The accident happened when a police officer had the pedestrian pulled over on the side of the highway for whatever reason. The policeman and the pedestrian were both in front of the patrol car when  the semi suddenly the right lane onto the shoulder and ended up smashing the police car which sent it flying into two unsuspecting people.

Their reasoning for negligence? Well the truck had no cargo and was not under any weight constraints so it shouldn't have been susceptible to sudden and uncontrollable movement. But if it was a mechanical problem then he or his trucking company shouldn't be at fault since before every trip the driver is obligated to make a "round trip"  of the vehicle to make sure everything is working before leaving, the company is supposed to ensure that every driver does this before every trip.

And lastly another possibility is that the driver drifted off to sleep behind the wheel. This is an all too common thing among the drivers and if this were the case both the driver and his trucking company would be liable. Truck Drivers are obligated to follow mandated rest law, this is to protect themselves and everyone on the road! The trucker's employers are supposed to uphold those laws as well. If for whatever reason a breach in the rest law has happened and is found then both the driver and the company could and most likely will be liable for the injuries to the victims! So If you're tired get some rest before putting yourself and others at risk!

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