Seven People Injured in San Bernardino Crash

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Seven People Injured in Police Vehicle Collision

Wednesday traffic is almost as bad a Friday traffic. Everyone is usually in a little bit better mood. I mean it’s HUMP Day. How can people be grumpy or road ragey on Hump day?! Not saying that Wednesday car crashes has anything to do with grumpiness.

Anyways, according to the local authorities at least seven people have been injured in Wednesday’s car crash. The incident happened when a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department vehicle had collided with a Honda Civic. The crash happened on Pearblossom Highway. Such a pretty name for a crash site.

According to the report, the crash happened around three,forty-eight in the afternoon at the intersection of 126th St. E and Pearblossom Hwy. which is in an unincorporated part of Los Angeles County.

Emergency Workers Work to Save Seven Injured

According to Keith Mora who is with the Los Angeles County Fire Department, there were at least four ambulances at the scene. There also had to be a helicopter respond to the crash site so it could also transport the injured people.

According to the incident log, the traffic had to be stopped int both directions. Sound like a pretty bad wreck. The condition of the victims have not ben released at this time. That means they are all recovering well before they get bombarded with questions or it was a worse out come for them. Let’s just hope everyone is recovering.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation at this time.


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