Sheriff’s Deputy and Another Injured During Traffic Collision

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Sheriff’s Deputy And Another Person Hospitalized After Car Crash

According to the local police, on Tuesday afternoon a Sheriff’s deputy as well as another person had to be hospitalized after they were involved in a traffic collision. The crash involved a patrol car in the Diamond Bar area.

Fire Inspector, Rick Flores said that the Los Angeles County Fire Department had to be called out to the crash. The call came right before twelve thirty in the afternoon. The call called for assistance at South Diamond Boulevard and Grand Avenue.

Video Shows Vehicle Damage in Crash

An aerial video showed that the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s patrol car had its front end smashed. It also showed a white Lexus sedan. The sedan seemed to have been side-swiped by looking at the position and damage to the car. The intersection was shut down and was covered with debris from the crash. There were multiple cars at the scene of the crash by one o’clock that afternoon.

The deputy had been responding to a rescue call at the time that the accident had happened, according to Saleeby. It’s unclear if the officer had the patrol car’s lights and siren on at the time of the crash. There was a deputy as well as another person who had to be transported by and ambulance so that they could get checked out properly, according to Lt. John Saleeby from the Sheriff’s Walnut Station.

The call had originally came in as a traffic collision with two people trapped, according to Flores. You just never know what you’ll stumble upon when you’re in the rescuing business. It could be a total stranger, or even one of your own. That’s the thing about tragedy, it’s not biased, it can hit anywhere at anytime.


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