Six People Died and Multiple People Injured After Metro Train Crash

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Multiple People Injured and Six People Died After Train Accident

According to CNN, at least six people have died and at least twelve more have been injured on Tuesday night after a Metro North Commuter train had hit a vehicle in the Valhalla, New York area.

Five of the six dead people were on the train as passengers. The sixth fatality would be a female driver of a Jeep, according to the Official.

Train V/S Jeep Cherokee

According to the Metro North officials, the collision happened around seven o’clock in the evening. The crossing gates had came down on top of a Jeep Cherokee that had stopped at the tracks.

According to the official, the driver had gotten out of the vehicle to look at the back of the car. She then got back inside of the jeep and drove it forward and was struck. The official stated that the woman had been outside of the vehicle when it had been hit.

The Jeep was struck by the 5:44 p.m. northbound train which was from the Grand Central Station at the two track Commerce Street crossing. According to the report, the train had shoved the Jeep around 10 car lengths north.

According to the train company official, around four hundred commuters had to be taken to a rock climbing gym for shelter. There was buses on their way to get the passengers to Pleasantville. Twelve people had to be taken to the Westchester Medical Center.


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