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Car Crashes into Local Coffee Bean Store Due to Slick Roads

On Tuesday morning the roads were a little slick from the rain. According to the Burbank Police, a car that was driving on those slick roads in downtown Burbank slammed into a local Coffee Bean which was full of customers. The Coffee Bean is adjacent from the AT&T store.

Although there were several customers inside of the Coffee Bean, luckily no one was injured. The driver of the vehicle had lost control in the 300 block of N. San Fernando Blvd. around seven o’clock in the morning. As the driver lost control, they hit a pole, crashed into the AT&T store and then drove right through a wall and into the Coffee Bean store next door.  Talk about a crazyyy morning. I bet those coffee goers were no longer needing a wake-me-up after that fiasco.

Driver Smashes into Coffee Bean Due to Slick Roads

Luckily the driver wasn’t seriously injured. According to Burbank Police Officer, Joshua Kendrick, the crash seems to be because the driver was driving too fast for the slick weather conditions. We’ve all done it, just thankfully not all of us smash into a local store.  It wasn’t worth the rush, since I’m sure whatever they were rushing for they definitley missed.

Officer Kendrick’s Statement:

Based on the traffic conditions with the rain and everything, the speed was a little bit unsafe.

If you have any information of might have actually seen the crash, the police are asking that you please call the Burbank Police Department at 818-238-3000.

Hopefully whoever this driver is, learned their lesson about rushing,especially on slick roads. Hopefully more people realize that they can hurt themselves as well as other people, just leave a few minutes earlier, it’s not worth injuring people.


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