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Speed Might Have Been A Cause In a Motorcycle Accident

The Police Investigators say that speed might have been the cause of a crash that ended up killing a twenty-two year old young man.

A motorcycle and a car crashed into each other around 4:10 in the evening. They were on the Eastbound Interstate 8 which is just West of Interstate 805. The Police state that the black Suzuki had ended up being trapped under the sedan, a fuel leak then caused both of the vehicles to catch on fire.

Aerial pictures of the area showed smoke circling above the accident. The Police Officials say that the witnesses on scene did attempt to put out the fire with some hand extinguishers.

The CHP (California Highway Patrol) did issue a Sig Alert. Officials say that at one point, the entire Eastbound side of the freeway was closed. They say it backed up traffic for miles during the rush hour.

According to the CHP some of the bystanders did perform CPR on the Motorcyclist, however the man was pronounced dead at the scene. The young mans name has not been released yet but the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office did confirm that the man was an active-duty military service member.

CHP Sergeant Jack Mears talks about the accident

He came upon slower moving traffic. He was unable to stop in time. They have to drive safe, just like anyone else

He also said that motorcycles cutting between lanes of heavy traffic is sadly common and a problem. One of the witnesses told the local NEWS that she saw a second motorcycle. She also said that it sped off right after the accident happened.

Witness talks about the fleeing motorcycle

It sounded like a bomb coming from the same area where the black motorcycle had just left, Either they were racing or some road rage was going on.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the investigation has not shown any other signs than just operator error. Mr. Mears said that they do not have any factual basis for any time of racing yet.

Witness thinks the fleeing mike is strange

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