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Man Tries to Help Girlfriend With Spinal Injury

Any type of accident can lead to some pretty serious injuries, like a spinal cord injury. Derek and his girlfriend Leia are all too familiar with a crash leaving lasting affects. Leia was sadly injured pretty bad and is paralyzed from her chest down. Derek is working hard to raise money for her extensive and expensive therapy. Hopefully the therapy would bring movement back into her body again.

The GoFundMe Post’s Statement:

This month concludes 2 years since Leia’s accident, which caused her to be a quadriplegic. Meaning: where Leia’s level of injury is, she is unable to normally feel or have any motor control from her chest down. Along with losing movement from her chest down, she also has little to no movement within her fingers. Since the accident she has slowly regained (on her own) more balance, feeling, and strength, all of which she was told there would be no regaining.

After being hospitalized, she was given therapy, which all costs were insurance covered. The insured therapy that Leia was given prior to the accident was expected to be therapy to help her recover as much mobility as possible. After shortly attending the therapy, it had become clear that the insured therapy was only preparing Leia to live her life in her wheelchair.

Recently, Leia and her family came across an opportunity for therapy in Pleasanton, Ca. She was given a free 1 hour trial session of therapy on Wednesday, June 14th at SciFit. Which is “Spinal Cord Injury Functional Integrated Therapy”. That went amazing. Both Leia and her parents see it being very promising – as do the therapists that worked with her. Leia was able to not only try, but successfully workout with equipment that isn’t available by any insured therapy in our areas.

Unfortunately, all good things come with a cost. With that being said not only is SciFit NOT covered by any form of insurance, but it is many miles away and a room is also not included. We are reaching out to all family and friends, in need of help towards this dream of Leia’s hope to regain as much or any strength possible. For those who know or have met her, are not only aware of the strength she has, but also the determination to prove herself plus those who never stopped believing in her; that she will get better.

Any and all donations are very much appreciated. For those who are unable to donate, you can still be a huge factor in making this journey possible by simply liking and sharing this link, and keeping her in your prayers as well.

I will be keeping all friends and family updated on her progress throughout the weeks/months of therapy. Please please please spread the word and keep this going!

Hopefully they get the help that they so desperately need to get this woman walking again. If you would like to contribute you can find them on Facebook.

Crash Causes Death and Spinal Injury

When you’re young and in High School, you really don’t think about the chances of wrecking or being injured while you’re out having fun with your friends.

However, one Kimball High School graduate has recently lost his life and several of his classmates were injured. This happened when the pickup that they were all in crashed on Highway 124.

Anthony D’Souza was only eighteen years old when he lost his life in the accident. Sadly his seventeen year old friend, Matthew Machuca is in critical condition due to a spinal injury. He is getting treatment at UC Davis Medical Center.

California Highway Patrol said that there were also four other teenagers in the truck and also had moderate injuries: 18 year old Logan Osborne, 18 year old Joshua Serpa, 17 year old Sophia Fairfield, and 18 year old Anahi Escobedo.

CHP also said the the crash is still under investigation at this time. However, the preliminary reports show that the teenagers were in a 1999 GMC pickup truck. The truck veered over the double yellow line which happened on Highway 124. The truck then ended up rolling several time down an embankment then landed upright again.

Friend, Iacangelo’s Statement:

We lost a beautiful soul this week. Anthony D’Souza was the most happy bubbly person I knew. You could never be in a bad mood with Anthony. He genuinely cared about you and always took time to listen to your problems. Always. You deserved a longer life…You deserved to have all your dreams come true, but at the same time you lived every day to the fullest and I know not one day of your 18 years was wasted, and for that I’m grateful.

Machuca’s mother (Gabby) said that her son is still on a breathing tube and that the doctors were working to try to stabilize his breathing.

Gabby’s Statement:

It’s going to be a long, long road for him. It’s hard, hard on everybody. Taking one goal at a time, one day at a time.

She also said that he’s aware of his surroundings however, at this time he can’t communicate or move. He does have limited mobility with one of his arms.

Gabby’s Statement:

He knows what is going on, but he can’t do anything. Only time will tell if he gets anything back.


Hopefully they can work and get him stabilized again. It must be heart wrenching for her to watch her son in this condition.

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