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Surviving Family Members Sue Over Tow Truck Crash

A tow truck accident cause a fire hydrant to be sheared and the truck had crashed into a 7- Eleven store. An employee of the seven-eleven was evaluated at the accident scene but was luckily not injured.

The family members of a Metro driver was killed a few months ago in a crash with an Hermosa Beach based flatbed tow truck in L.A. are now suing the heirs of the other driver and the towing company where the tow truck had worked.

Forty-Seven year old, Olivia Gamboa died at the hospital after a tow truck accident. Olivia was thrown from the bus, even though she had her seat belt on. Olivia had drove the Metro buses for thirteen years. 

Olivia’s husband, Bernardo Gamboa, her daughters have filed a wrongful death lawsuit in the Los Angeles Superior Court against the Hermosa Beach Towing and the driver, Yousef Adhami.

Yousef was badly hurt in the accident but it’s not clear how or when the man died. The plaintiffs are also suing New Flyer of America Inc. saying that the manufacturer of the Metro bus was negligent in the design of the 2001 that Olivia was driving.

According to the suit, the Metro bus had faulty seat belts as well as “lack of crashworthiness.” The accident happened on June 12th right after 5 in the morning.

According to the lawsuit, Yousef had ran a red light then struck Olivia’s bus she was driving. According to the report, Olivia was just starting her route when the crash happened. She was also the only person on her bus.

Yousef was thirty years old and he was possible going twice as fast as the posted 30 miles per hour limit in that area.


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