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Local Couple say Railroad Crossing Responsible for Crashes

A couple says that a nearby railroad crossing has been responsible for nearly a dozen of crashes in the years that they have lived in that house. Some of these accidents have even damaged their own home or vehicles.

The most recent crash happened Sunday, when an SUV barreled into their home. The SUV knocked into their living room wall and window which ultimately damaged the foundation of the home. Tim McCall said that his wife, Leigh was less than a foot away when the SUV barreled in through their home and hit the wall.  He was so worried that his wife would be killed.

Thankfully, The McCall family wasn’t hurt. The Fire Captain on the scene said that the SUV driver however, was partially ejected through the SUV windshield.  The woman was 29 years old and had minor injures but was taken to the hospital and was in good condition.

The McCalls told the local NEWS stations that they have had nearly a dozen of crashes around their home during the thirty years that they have lived in the neighborhood. The house or the parked cars around the neighborhood have been hit at least three times each  as well as a nearby fire hydrant and a utility pole.

Tim McCall recalls the accidents:

Every single accident has happened because they’ve come flying across the railroad tracks, headed north, and lose control when they come down,They go airborne over the tracks because of the hill.

The driver of the SUV in Sunday’s crash had told the firefighters that she had lost control of the car after going over the rail too fast. The McCall family stated that they have asked the city officials to put a stop sign near the crossing, hopefully to help prevent future crashes.

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