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A train crash is horrible, there's not a lot you can do to stop it or make it better. When train hits something or rolls, you're kind of just along for the ride and pray for the best.

Recently a Burlington North Santa Fe aka BNSF derailed. The freight train ended up damaging a building and also caused delays to two MetrolinkOC trains. Both were headed to Los Angeles. During the derailment it caused some downed power lines.

There was very little information given out about the derailment. However a BNSF Spokesperson, Lena Kent said that there were no injuries reported. According to the reports, there were four freight train cars that derailed and were empty at the time of the incident. Officials said that it happened around 1:10 p.m. on at 26th Street.
There was a building made of tin which sat on the property of World Oil Terminal. That is an oil and natural gas company which was located on 26th Street. The building was damaged by the freight trains that went off of the tracks. The extent of the damage isn't quite known at this time. Two other trains were headed from Oceanside to Union Station in downtown Los Angeles, had to wait ten to twenty minutes and one of those trains were forced to slow down its speed at one point.

Downed power lines rested on the train. Due to the downed power lines, Southern California Edison will be investigating.

Kent said that officials haven't released information about the cause of the derailment. However, the train would have been traveling with the 10 mph speed limit for the trains that were entering into the yard.

Car Gets Stuck on Train Tracks

Sadly, accidents happen all too often. According to the Riverside officials, a family’s vehicle got stuck on a railroad track. Luckily, they all survived the crash with a train. The father was able to get one of the children to safety, the other child was stuck in the vehicle but thankfully only had minor injuries.

The Riverside fire officials said that the train was travelling at 25 mph when it hit the car on that Tuesday night.

Reasoning that the child survived? The child was luckily sitting in the back seat, passenger side of the vehicle. That is on the opposite side of where the train hit the vehicle.

The child had to be taken to the hospital.

Police say that the crash affected the BNSF Railway line and Metrolink trains. The Riverside police and BNSF Railway police investigated the crash.

Sadly another train incident ended a man's life. A twenty-nine year old died after his Volkswagen vehicle was hit by a train that was travelling through Redwood City.

According to the California Highway Patrol aka CHP the young man, Pierre-Alexandre Meloty-Kapella was driving the Volkswagen on Buckingham Avenue around 1:20 a.m. the car went through a fence and then landed on the nearby Caltrain tracks.

Reports say that there was a maintenance train that was traveling north on a sidetrack that is usually used by the freight trains that hit the Volkswagen and killed the twenty-nine year old.
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