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Sometimes people do things with out paying attention. If you're in a hurry you sometimes don't pay attention like you should, or sometimes you're just careless in a moment. It's really hard to not paying attention around a train or train tracks, but it happens.

Recently a sixty-four year old woman was killed by a train at the Carlsbad Coaster Station. According to the reports, the woman darted in front of the speeding Amtrack train.

The local Sheriff’s are investigating the crash. They kept the name of the fallen woman under wraps. She was killed around 12:10 p.m. according to Sheriff’s Deputy, Brian Abraham.

Abraham’s Statement:

A southbound Amtrak train was traveling approximately 72 mph when the engineer observed an adult female running toward the tracks. The train went into emergency braking but the train was unable to stop in time and fatally struck the 64-year-old female.

Police authorities reported that the lady was pronounced dead at the scene of the incident. Police didn’t say if her death was a suicide or not.

Reports say that multiple Amtrak and Coaster trains had to be delayed that day for at least two hours. The tracks were shut down near the tragedy.

Car Struck By Train

Sadly a man was recently killed in the night in the Ventura area. This happened after his car was struck by a train on California Street near Harbor Boulevard. The crash was reported around 6:49  in the evening when there was some very dense fog that evening.

There was one person injured that was in an automobile, according to the police there was a seventy-three year old man who sadly passed away.

Crews said that luckily no one was injured on the Amtrak train. According to the reports, the car was southbound. It was hit after it went past the rail-crossing arms then stopped on the train. The eastbound train pushed the car across the street.

All of the rail traffic had to be stopped after the crash. The train that hit the car was expected to be released by 9 p.m. that evening. The police stayed at the scene until 11 p.m.

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