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Deadly Train Crash

Train crashes are huge, dangerous, and costly. A recent train incident lead to a lot of new questions about the deadly accident. The incident, lead to the death of a mother and toddler in the San Leandro area.

Some people believe that the construction taking place in the area might have caused the accident on Washington Avenue.

Police warn the public that it’s never safe to stop on train tracks. However, there was indeed construction taking place in the area where the PG&E crews were inspecting a gas pipeline.

Witness Statement About the Incident:

We’re all going there someday, but it wasn’t their time.

Juan Colmenero returned to the scene to grieve his loss as well as trying to figure out if something could have been done to prevent this tragic accident.

Colmenero’s Statement:

They should have more security right here on these tracks because people come and go, it’s devastating.

Sadly, thirty year old Vanessa Henriquez and her three year old daughter, Saidy Henriquez was killed when an Amtrak train plowed into their SUV which was on Washington Avenue.

According to the reports, there was a PG&E crew who was working in the area and had signs out, telling traffic to slow down to one lane. This was just past the train crossing.

The reports say that Henriquez was backed up in traffic and the front end was apparently stuck on the tracks. The crossing gates lowered and the train approached the vehicle.

Witness, Lilla Magee stated that there “were cars on the track and all the way up to the light”.

Magee’s Statement About the Crash:

Honestly, before this crash even, I just had this feeling like this is bad. You really have to be on your toes to not get caught on the tracks.


The San Leandro police said that PG&E had a permit as well as a city inspector that had signed off on the utility’s traffic management plan.

San Leandro Police Department’s Lt. Robert McManus Statement:

We do send inspectors out on a daily basis to make sure those permits are in full compliance and yesterday the proper signage for the traffic management plan were properly posted.

This incident is still under investigation. PG&E offered their condolences tot he family and promises to look into the incident further.

Daniel Gibalevich – Train Accident Attorney Los Angeles

If you or someone you love is the victim of a train-related accident, you may be entitled to legal recourse to recover compensation for health or financial damages. Due to lessened safety measures compared to other motor vehicles, it is not uncommon for injuries sustained during significant train-related accidents to be extreme. Life after a serious accident can be physically and emotionally challenging and navigating the legal process to obtain compensation can be frustrating.

Understanding the Process

The window of time available to take legal action following a train-related accident is minimal, especially with the convoluted process of filing claims against government and commercially owned train lines. It essential that your personal injury attorney is experienced with the filing process specific to train-related accidents within the state of California.

Determining Liability

Whether you are the victim of a train-related accident resulting from negligence on the part of the train operator, product and manufacturer liability, malicious intent or wrongful death you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries and damages. In developing a train-related personal injury lawsuit, it is important to clearly determine liable participants and the exact cause of the accident.

Although generally one of the safest transportation options, riders of private or government operated train lines are occasionally the victims of accidents with injuries that may include:

  • Broken Bones
  • Lacerations, Contusions and Abrasions
  • Bone Dislocation
  • Amputation
  • Cosmetic Disfigurement
  • Neck and Spinal Injuries
  • Traumatic Head Injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Death

In situations where Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance does not sufficiently cover damages, you may be entitled to full or partial compensation beyond your coverage limitations. At the DAG Law Firm, our expert personal injury attorneys will support you in bringing appropriate legal action against an insurance agency or defendant. Whether you are dealing with an uncooperative commercial or government-owned train company or an insurance company seeking to limit your total payout for damages, we are committed to obtaining maximum compensation on your behalf. It is important to fully understand your legal situation and our attorneys will guide you in determining whether your train-related accident is the result of negligence, manufacturer liability, wrongful death or malicious intent. As a victim of a train-related accident, you may have legal recourse to recover compensation for the following:

  • Payment for current and ongoing medical expenses
  • Payment for emotional and psychological distress
  • Payment for loss of wages and income earning ability
  • Payment for pain and suffering

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