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Pickup Truck Driver Injured After Crashing into Local Parking Lot

Accidents happen all the time. Car accidents can happen pretty much anywhere at anyway. If there’s a road, there’s a chance of a wreck or accident, sometimes even if there isn’t a road. A driver of a pickup truck learned this lesson on Sunday afternoon. The driver of the truck suffered from some pretty major injuries. The incident occurred after the pickup truck had landed off a freeway on ramp. The truck then crashed into a restaurant parking lot which was just fifty feet below of the ramp.This all according to the San Diego Fire and Rescue Department.

Fire Rescue Help to Save Pickup Truck Driver

The firefighters on scene had to use extraction tools (jaws of life) to pry the driver from the crumpled wreckage. Talk about some scary stuff! The vehicle was a Ford F-350. The driver of the truck was conscious at the time that he was taken to the local hospital for his major injuries, including: possible neck and back trauma.  The crash happened on the transition ramp from the Westbound Interstate 8 to the Northbound Interstate 805 in the Mission Valley area. According to the report, the truck had went over the guardrail and then hit the back wall of a local business, Dave & Buster’s Restaurant before it landed upright in the Dave & Buster’s parking lot.

It’s really unclear  what caused the accident and it’s unclear of the pickup truck driver’s condition. At this time there are no other reports of injuries due to this incident.  Make sure to watch as you’re coming off or onto ramps. The traffic is always busy at these places, vehicles are rushing to get out of the way or their late for whatever reason, so please use caution.

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