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Truck Collision Injures Children

Sadly truck incidents rarely end well. This time two little girls, ages four and seven tragically died during a truck accident. The truck that the girls were riding in crashed into the Russian River. The crash happened on Highway 116 where there is a narrow shoulder and that part has no guardrail.

The two little girls were sisters, Hailey was four years old and Kaitlyn Markus was six years old.

According to the local news, the accident left Jenner without his two favorite little girls who happened to be the only children in town.

One woman spoke fondly of the children, reminiscing about the girls swinging on the swing the day before.

Another neighbor, Michelle Irwin,, said that they had heard very little about the crash only that the truck had “fishtailed on the road”

The little girls were riding in their car seats and were innocently on their way to school in Monte Rio. Which just so happens to be where their mother works.

No one saw what caused the truck to crash. The truck plunged 12 feet to the bottom of the Russian River.

CHP Officer, Jon Sloat says that maybe due to the wetness of the roads that the mother may have over-corrected which would cause the truck to slide off of the road.

Witnesses Tells About The Truck Crash

Harry Kenney was an ear witness, saying that he heard a splash.

Harry’s Statement:

And before I could recognize whether it was even a car or truck it went gurgle gurgle and went down and a big bunch of bubbles came to the surface and then a woman came up shortly after screaming, ‘My babies, my babies!

CHP officials say that the mother helplessly tried to reach her little girls, however the truck was sinking too fast for her to be able to save them.

The poor mother, struck with grief did not leave the scene for almost six hours. When the truck hit the water witnesses selflessly jumped in to try to help, sadly they didn’t make it in time.

The divers got to the scene thirty minutes after it happened. Sadly they found the truck right side up and the little girls still inside, with no air pockets. Talk about a heartbreaking case.

Tim Murphy’s Statement:

I was unsuccessful in getting the door open, And then one of my lifeguards came and he was able to get in through the driver side window that was open or broken. He was able to open the door and bring the two victims out.

The road where the crash happened is pretty windy and then it just drops off. Just below the drop off is the Russian River. People who drive this route regularly ask that a guard rail be put up because they feel this road is pretty dangerous.

Resident Brook Edwards Statement:

A guardrail here would be a great help to hopefully stop any cars from going over the edge. You can see it’s pretty steep, cars go straight into the water.

According to Bodega Bay resident, Martin Cervantes the road is tricky and if there’s a heave mist then it can get slippery as well.

Ford Truck Crashes into Chevy Car

One person was hospitalized after a Ford pickup truck ended up on top of a Chevrolet Corvette following a crash in Costa Mesa Thursday evening.

Costa Mesa firefighters responded to the southbound 55 freeway at Victoria Street to a report of a crash with injuries about 5 p.m. Fire Capt. Christ Coates said the driver, a man in his 30s, was trapped inside the car while his passenger, a woman in her 30s, was able to get out of the car on her own.

Coates said the driver needed to be cut out of the Corvette, and that the 30-minute ordeal was a tricky process.

“It almost becomes like a game of Jenga when you try to remove the bottom pieces without trying to topple the top,” Coates said.

He was taken to Orange County Global Medical Center with serious but not life-threatening injuries.

It was not known how the large Ford F-150 pickup ended up on top of the red Corvette, but the incident backed up traffic, which was already congested because of the nearby Orange County Fair.

California Highway Patrol officers were called to the scene at 5:12 p.m. and reported that several cars were blocking lanes and issued a SigAlert for nearly two hours.

All lanes were reported clear at 6:50 p.m.

Truck Crash Causes Injuries

There were sadly five people injured in a truck crash on Wednesday. This was when a gravel truck rear-ended cars and then careened off a median. This all happened on a busy Gabriel Valley Street.

The driver could have possibly suffered a medical emergency while he was traveling east on Valley Boulevard. This happened in the middle of the day, according to the police. People reported a “out of control” truck. One of the other drivers were able to capture the scene on their camera.

The truck hit at least five other vehicles. Some of which were in the center lanes and some were in the left turn lane. The truck finally came to a stop at Valley and San Gabriel boulevards. The driver was found “semiconscious” and was on a nearby bus bench.

Two other people had to be hospitalized due the the crash. Two others were treated at the scene of the incidents.

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