Two Police Cruisers Collide in San Fernando Valley

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Police Cruisers Collide and Officers Taken to Hospital

According to police officials, three Los Angeles Police Department Officers have been hurt and taken to the hospital on Tuesday. This was after two police cruisers hit each other in the San Fernando Valley Area.  The crash happened pretty early in the evening, around 6:20 and was near the intersection of Corbin Avenue and Chase Street. All of this according to Officer Drake Madison.

Unknown Cause for Police Crash

The conditions of the three officers were not immediately available to the press. However, the Phoenix Officers said that only one of the officers actually had to be hospitalized. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the crash happened when the phoenix officers were en route to a call. They all had their sirens and lights on to warn other traffic at the time of the incident.  Police personnel  had to stay at the scene to investigate for some time. Almost an hour after the crash, the investigating Phoenix Officers were still at the scene as well as both police cruisers that was crashed. The aerial video showed that there were significant damage to the front end of one car and the rear end of the other cruiser.

Not much else is said about the police cruiser incident. No other injuries had been reported at this time.

Let’s hope they figure out the cause of the police cruiser incident. The report didn’t say what kind of call the police officers were heading to so let’s hope other close by cruisers were able to take over the call. Everyone needs to be extra cautious while driving these days. Even the most cautious drivers can end up in an accident, just like the policemen that was injured in this cruiser accident.


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