Van Collides With Pickup Truck and Driver Flees on Foot

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Van’s Driver Flees on Foot After Collision

The weekend is usually a pretty busy time for the roads and the emergency workers that has to deal with the results of busy weekend traffic. Usually a wreck or so is bound to happen. According to the authorities, Saturday night was pretty busy for the Burbank area. A van collided with a pickup truck on Saturday at the intersection in Burbank. The passenger of the van had suffered from severe injuries, the driver of the van however decided to flee the scene on foot.

The incident happened close to seven:ten in the evening. It happened at Sherman Way and the Vineland Avenue, which is pretty close to the Bob Hope Airport, According to Los Angeles Police Department, Sgt. Robert White.

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  Description of the Fleeing Van Driver

  The witnesses described the van's fleeing driver as a Hispanic man who is in his forties. The male left the vehicle and then fled northbound on Sherman Way, according to Sgt. White. The man was last seen wearing a navy-blue shirt and some black pants.

  The passenger of the van was transported to the local hospital. It's unclear of the passenger's condition. The driver of the other truck was treated at the scene by the on scene paramedics. According to the police, the driver declined to be taken to the hospital for further treatment. The driver of the pick up then left the scene of the incident with some family members. Seemed to be in pretty safe hands.

  There is an ongoing investigation on this incident. The cause of the crash is still unknown at this time. Weekend Traffic is always pretty busy, so stay safe out there folks. Watch other drivers, most traffic incidents are usually at some other driver's fault.


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