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CHP At Most Vehicle Incidents in California

Last Sunday, five people were injured after a tour bus collided with a car at the intersection in Bloomington, according to the local authorities. According to, battalion Chief, The driver had to be extricated from their vehicle and then was transported to the Kaiser Permanente’s Fontana Medical Center.

The firefighters arrived quickly and just before seven o’clock in the evening at the Valley Boulevard and Linden Avenue. This is where a car had struck the side of a bus that was carrying twenty to thirty people, according to Battalion Chief Steve Laseter who is with the San Bernardino County Fire Department.

Children Injured in Bus Crash

There were four other people who were injured during the incident. They all suffered from minor injuries and also had to be taken to the local hospital. The Officials at first said there were nine people injured in the crash.

The tour bus was owned by a private company and was in the process of transporting passengers to casinos.

CHP Arrives to Bus Scene

The intersection had to be closed until further notice, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The cause or who was at fault in the crash was not immediately known. The California Highway Patrol was investigating the crash.

 California Highway Patrol

The California Highway Patrol is also known as the CHP. The CHP is a law enforcement agency of the Unite States, state of California. The CHP has a patrol jurisdiction of all of the California Highways. They also act as the State Police.

The California Highway Patrol is also a branch of the Division of Motor Vehicles in the department of Public Works in 1029. Now it is organized as a part of the California State Transportation Agency also known as CALSTA.

The California Highway Patrol, has many duties. The CHP also protects the state buildings and facilities like the California State Capitol as well as protecting or acting as bodyguards for the state officials. The California Highway Patrol also works with municipal law enforcement agencies, they give assistance in investigations as well as patrol and other aspects of law enforcement. Pretty much the CHP can do it all pretty much when it come to enforcing the law in the state of California.

The CHP is also the largest state police agency in the United States. The California Highway Patrol has over 11,000 employees and 7,500 of those employees are sworn officers. The CHP also keeps great track of traffic accidents. They publish their data on traffic accidents in California from a database called Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System which is also known as SWITRS.

September 11, 2001 was a shocking and tragic year for all of the United States. After the 9-11 attacks, the California Highway Patrol are now responsible for the securing as well as patrolling a number of potential terrorist targets in California. Some of those target spots are the nuclear power plants, government buildings, as well as key infrastructure sites. The CHP also maintains a SWAT team who is on 24 hour standby to eliminate any terrorist activity.

California Highway Patrol even sent two of its Mobile Field Forces, which is a highly trained and equipped/quick reaction/deployment teams for civil disturbances or disasters, to help with the tragic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

California Highway Patrol

Of course, the ever growing drug issues all over the world calls for more law enforcement everywhere. The California Highway Patrol also helps with this. The CHP has officers that are assigned to drug task forces as well as other criminal investigative task forces throughout the state. The CHP maintains some highly trained Warrant Service Teams also known as WST through each of its Divisions. The teams also serve the high-risk felony arrests as well as the search warrants that were generated as a result of the California Highway Patrol investigations. Of course the CHP also works with other teams, they often work close with the agents from the state Bureau of Investigation, Office of the Attorney General.

The California Highway Patrol also deals with the narcotic side of law enforcement. They do a narcotic patrol as well as an explosive detection K-9 teams that are stationed throughout the state. The CHP also deals with the governor protection detail. The California Highway Patrol seems to stay pretty busy with many different fields of keeping the peace.

The California Highway Patrol is led by a Commissioner, who is decided by the Governor of California. There is also a Deputy Commissioner who is also picked out by the Governor. The only ones the Commissioner decides on is the Assistant Commissioners.

 The CHP has a code of honor. It states:



      I, a member of the California Highway Patrol, subscribe in word and deed to the following:To serve the United States of America and the State of California honestly, and conscientiously; and fulfill my oath as a soldier of the law;To uphold and maintain the honor and integrity of the California Highway Patrol;Be loyal to my fellow officers; respect and obey my seniors in rank; and enforce the law without fear, favor, or discrimination;Assist those in peril or distress, and, if necessary, lay down my life rather than swerve from the path of duty;My personal conduct shall at all times be above reproach and I will never knowingly commit any act that will in any way bring discredit upon the California Highway Patrol or any member thereof;To all of this I do solemnly pledge my sacred honor as an Officer of the California Highway Patrol.

Example of Another Bus Crash

On last Sunday, a man was arrested for his connection with an Echo Park Shooting that left a Metro Bus driver with a graze wound. According to the authorities, the man who was arrested was in his twenties.

The incident was reported in the late afternoon, around two,fifty in the evening. According to Sheriff’s Lt. Lester Trull, The incident happened near the intersection of North Coronado Street and Bellevue Avenue. Trull also said that the driver was struck by a gunshot that also shattered the vehicle’s front window. The suspect had been taken into custody not far from the scene, according to the report it was around two blocks away from the scene.

The scene, where he stood in the street and opened fire. His name has not been released according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Transit Services Bureau.

The driver was transported to a local hospital to be treated for his injury. Luckily, it was not life threatening, according to the Lieutenant.

There were an unknown amount of people on the southbound Metro Line 603 bus at the time of the shooting/incident. Luckily, none of the passengers were injured, according to the local Sheriff’s Department.

The investigators are also examining another vehicle that was shot at.

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