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Vehicle Drives into Vietnamese Restaurant

Talk about a crazy afternoon. On Monday, a vehicle drove into a local Vietnamese restaurant in the Garden Grove area. How horrible would it be, to be sitting in a restaurant, enjoying your lunch then wham someone comes crashing through. The crash left the driver as well as a poor ten year old girl as well as a thirty-seven year old woman injured inside of the restaurant had to be hospitalized.

According to the Garden Grove Police Department, the crazy, incident happened around two,forty-eight in the afternoon. It’s location was 8871 Garden Grove Blvd.

Mercedes Drives Through Vietnamese Restaurant

Silver Mercedes-Benz car had drove through the front of the restaurant through the front glass windows of Pho 86. According to a video from the scene, The vehicle stopped halfway into the restaurant.

The driver was an “elderly” woman. According to the report, she was attempting to turn onto westbound Garden Grove Boulevard from Yockey Street. She then hit another vehicle that was carrying two men inside. The police say that the “first driver” had lost control of her vehicle then plowed into the restaurant.

The woman’s vehicle had hit a thirty-seven year old woman and an innocent ten year old little girl who were inside of the restaurant. The driver, was a seventy-three year old woman and she had to be hospitalized, but was later released.

The two females who were inside of the restaurant had to be taken to the local hospital, UC Irvine Medical Center due to their moderate injuries. Even though they sustained some injuries, they were not thought to be life threatening injuries.

The two men who were inside of the other car that had been hit by the first driver, were luckily not injured.


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