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Hit and Run Incidents That Happened Over The Weekend

The weekend traffic issue always happens. Weekends are always busy and there is probably at least one or two crashes a weekend. The first incident I’ll be writing about is a hit and run. A twenty-four year old man from Signal Hill, had been arrested for the suspicion of running over an elderly lady in a McDonald’s parking lot. The police announced that the incident was caught on surveillance video.

According to the facebook post from the Huntington Beach Police Department, Taylor Kirby surrendered himself to the police on Thursday night after an investigation that led the officer to impound his vehicle for the April 22nd crash.

Mr. Kirby is suspected of a felony hit and run, according to the local police. He was booked into the city jail and later released after his bail was posted. Kirby was suspected of driving a gray Dodge Challenger with paper dealer plates. As he was in his fancy dealer car, he backed over an 86 year old woman as she was leaving the McDonald’s at Beach Boulevard and Robidoux Drive on the afternoon of April 22nd.

The lady that he backed over was with her daughter and husband when she was ran over. McDonald’s workers said that the couple were regulars there at the Huntington Beach fast food franchise.

Surveillance Video Shows Hit and Run

The video surveillance from the McDonald’s showed the Challenger backing into the woman and then stopping. The husband of the victim as well as the daughter could be seen banging on the car. The husband then approached the driver’s window with his cane in his hand.

The driver and a passenger got out to examine the woman. However, then the driver motions for the passenger to get back into the vehicle. The video also showed the Challenger driving away as the woman layed injured on the pavement.

The poor, injured lady was later hospitalized. She had head injuries, luckily though they were not life-threatening, according to the investigating police.

Mr. Kirby is set to appear in court on June 30th. It’s not been stated if the passenger is also in trouble or being investigated at this time.

Hit and Run Example Two

Apparently April and May is going to be a ruthless time for hit and runs. The pretty weather breaking, will cause more and more people to be out and about. Walking, bicycling, driving, you name it people are going to be out and enjoying the beautiful weather. Which means, more people, more likely there’s a chance of someone getting hurt.

However, can’t really blame this incident on the pretty weather. A thirty-eight year old woman has been charged for a collision that happened back in December. She allegedly ran over a family of three while injuring a mother, baby and killing the family dog, according to an announcement from the DA’s Office.

According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, The driver, Tiffani Monique Lowden was charged for one felony count of hit and run driving resulting in injury to another person, as well as one misdemeanor count of driving when privilege is suspended or revoked. She was set to be arraigned last friday afternoon at the Alhambra Superior Court.

Miss Lowden finally turned herself in to the South Pasadena Police on December 22. Which was just a day after she allegedly drove an SUV through an intersection where a couple was crossing the street with their infant as well as their family dog.

According to the police, the family had the right of way. The vehicle had dragged the mother as well as the baby. The poor defenseless child was left with two small skull fractures, according to the authorities at the time of the incident.

The mother suffered from a broken nose as well as some cuts and bruises. The father also had some injuries but those were mild and could be treated at the scene of the incident. The family’s seven year old Boston terrier was sadly killed, according to the police.

The tragic collision happened at the Orange Grove Boulevard and Columbia Street. Miss Lowden will face up to nine years in prison if she is convicted as charged.

Sounds like this lady had quite the horrible driving record. She definitely should not be driving if she gets out of prison. Some people just are not good drivers and she is the perfect example of a bad driver. She did one thing bad but that didn’t stop her from continuing to drive and commit more crimes.

This is why people should be glad we have traffic patrol, they try to keep our roads safe from people like her and even worse people. Hopefully the baby and mother makes a full recovery and live a long happy life together.


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