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 21 Year Old Dies From Being Hit While Pushing Broken Car Off Road

Car accidents are scary and sad enough by themselves but not knowing who is to blame or what happened is a little disheartening. When there’s a death in the crash it makes it more frustrating for police and family for not having some answers. On Sunday morning a twenty-one year old woman died in a car crash. The woman was struck on the Northbound 405 Freeway.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the tragic scene started around twelve thirty in the morning. The twenty-one year old’s 1995 Toyota had ran out of gas.  The young woman had another occupant in the vehicle, a twenty-one year old man. The ‘young man and woman got out of the car to begin to push it out of the way towards the freeways right shoulder.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the young woman and the car was hit by a white 2012 BMW. They think the vehicle was traveling around 60 miles per hour. The hit from the BMW threw the young woman’s body into the No.2 lane where she was sadly ran over by a Audi.

The young woman had succumbed to her injuries at the scene. Luckily no others were injured. However there have been no arrests made in this accident.

The 21 year old young woman was identified as Stephanie Hernandez Valerio. There is an on going investigation on this fatal incident.

Want to help the family of the Car Crash incident?

Anyone with information was asked to call Officer D. Weeda of the CHP’s South Los Angeles area office at 310-516-3355.

A fund has been established to help pay for Valerio’s funeral expenses. Donations are being accepted online at gofundme.com/8hk3us.

Read more: https://ktla.com/2014/04/20/woman-fatally-struck-while-pushing-disabled-vehicle-on-405-freeway/#ixzz2zZpHOTRP

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