Woman Suffers Pit Bull Bite While at the Vet

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Woman Tries to Protect Her Poodle from a Pit Bull Attack

According to the police, on Thursday a woman had suffered from a pit bull attack as well has her Poodle. They were at the vet at the time. The two pit bulls that took part of the attack will eventually be returned to their owner.

The lady that was attacked had to seek medical attention however she was not seriously injured. The lady had tried to protect her poodle from the two pit bulls is how she got injured, according to Lt. Jane Andreotti.

The dogs happened to come into each others path around eight thirty in the morning. All three of the dogs were off their leashes when the fight started to break out. According to Lt. Andreotti that is a violation of County ordinance. However, the pit bulls were taken into custody by the animal control officials. Both Pit Bulls have been returned to their owner though. The animal control did not deem the dogs as potentially dangerous.

Lt. Andreotti Doesn’t Think The Pit Bulls are Dangerous

Basically, we don’t have enough to prove the dogs are dangerous. But we’ve talked with the owner, and she’s acknowledged her mistake and that she can’t have the dogs off collar again.

Lt. Andreotti said that one of the male pit bulls had ran up to the poodle which was in the park to sniff the dog. The poodle got defensive and growled that is when the pit bull then attacked. The poodle’s owner then jumped in to try to save the poodle, that is when the female pit bull joined in and bit the woman’s upper arm.

The dogs will have to complete a mandatory 10 day quarantine.

Source: https://www.mercurynews.com/my-town/ci_25768492/oakley-pit-bulls-that-bit-woman-released-owner

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