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Special Needs Boy Killed by Pit Bulls While Being Babysat

Special needs boy who was identified as two year old, Daniel. Sunday, He and his four older siblings was being babysat in their babysitter’s (Gilbert) home when the dogs started fighting. Daniel somehow got trapped in the middle when they attacked each other. The babysitter was seriously injured, while she tried (in vain) to pull Daniel free.

When the babysitter called the 911 operator the emergency call stated “He’s barely breathing, the dogs attacked him..his lips are turning blue.”  Moments later after the call the Emergency crews arrived and Daniel was rushed to a nearby hospital, unfortunately he could not be saved.

Police Sgt. Jesse Sanger told FOX 10 News that Right now they’re looking into the terrible, tragic accident. Investigators are still waiting to interview the family and babysitter.

Sanger also stated

Once detectives are done, there’s always a possibility charges could be filed in this case

The local news station reported that the kids, Daniel’s 9 year old brothers and two sisters who were 6 and 7 years old, were being watched by Gilbert while their parents were away. Thankfully none of the other children were injured.

Police said that none of the dogs had any history of being violent. While the dogs had no previous history of violent behavior they were still taken to the local animal shelter to remain under quarantine for 10 days. Gilbert’s neighbors say that they were shocked that the dogs attacked.

One of Gilbert’s neighbors told FOX News that “I Just couldn’t believe it, they’re very good people.” She also stated that “They’re (the Gilberts) are aware of where the children are, and what they’re doing. They take care of disabled children.”  She thinks the Gilbert’s are nice people and said that they’ve known them for a while now.

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