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Under The Influence Driver Crashes into LAPD Vehicle

On Friday, the passenger of a SUV that had crashed into an LAPD vehicle was in court. The crash that happened in Harbor City left an LAPD Officer dead.

Nineteen year old, Bryan Varela is convicted for driving under the influence and evading a police officer. Varela is accused of violating his probation.  On Saturday when Varela fled the scene of the fatal SUV Crash that ended an Officer’s life.

According to the police, Bryan Varela’s older brother, Mynor Varela was the supposed driver of the SUV. The police say that the SUV had intentionally slammed into the LAPD police car. The LAPD officer was pursuing a speeding Camaro. The Officer that died in the crash was LAPD Officer Roberto Sanchez. His partner, Richard Medina was injured in the crash.

The LAPD Chief said that Mynor Varela had hit the police car to help his friend in the Camaro escape.

Surveillance Video shows Varela hitting the Patrol Car

Surveillance video showed the SUV pursuing the police car during the chase, and dash-cam video from the wrecked patrol car shows when the cruiser made a U-turn, Mynor Varela aimed his vehicle at the cruiser, crossed the center divider and slammed the cruiser broadside.

Mynor Varela Charges

Murder, vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence, two counts of assaulting a peace officer and leaving the scene of an accident. The complaint includes a special circumstance of second-degree murder of a peace officer.

His younger brother, Bryan has not been charged with anything to due with the crash at this time. He will have a probation revocation hearing on May 30th. The commissioner in the case said that there was probable cause of criminality.


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