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Motor Vehicle Accident

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Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney

Motor vehicle accidents are the most common variety of personal injury accident and the attorneys at the DAG Law Firm are familiar with the specific legal structure associated with the state of California. As a result of damages suffered from a motor vehicle accident, victims may be overwhelmed by health challenges and the confusing process of navigating insurance claims.


Expert Legal Counsel

California attorney, Daniel A. Gibalevich has achieved great success in dealing with Personal Injury Lawsuits associated with motor vehicle accidents, whether they be the result a car, truck or motor accident. If you or someone you love has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, it is important that you contact a personal injury attorney immediately to insure just compensation from your insurance company and from the responsible party involved in your accident. Our attorneys are experts in building solid cases by way of:

  • Careful analysis of accident reports
  • Careful analysis of police records
  • Careful analysis of witness testimonials
  • Careful analysis of accident scene
  • Careful analysis of damages
  • Careful analysis of medical reports
  • Careful analysis of driving histories of involved motorists
  • Contacting insurance companies on your behalf


Recovering Compensation from a Motor Vehicle Accident

Damages suffered in a serious motor vehicle accident can be extreme and may result in bodily harm and disability, as well as economic or compensatory damages reflected in loss of employment, wages and the destruction of property. Whether you are faced with ongoing medical expenses, loss of wages due to injury or loss of employment, the DAG Law Firm will support you in achieving just compensation for damages suffered. We will also assist you in recovering compensation that exceeds your Personal Injury Protection Insurance (PIP) for damages including excessive medical bills, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering.


Common Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

You may be entitled to full or partial compensation if you have suffered any of the following injuries in a motor vehicle accident:

  • Broken Bones
  • Severe Head Trauma
  • Brain Damage
  • Paralysis
  • Scarring
  • Amputation
  • Loss of Limbs
  • Neck and Spinal Injuries
  • Joint Injuries
  • Disfigurement
  • Burns
  • Wrongful Death


Thorough Analysis and Investigation

At the DAG Law Firm, our expert personal injury attorneys will support you with your claim using thorough analysis and investigation to bring the appropriate legal action against an insurance agency or defendant. Whether you are dealing with an uninsured defendant or an insurance company seeking to limit your total payout for damages, it is our commitment to obtain maximum compensation on your behalf. To obtain success with your case, it is important to fully understand your legal situation and the attorneys at the DAG Law Firm will guide you in determining whether your motor vehicle accident is the result of:

  • Negligence
  • Manufacturer Liability
  • Road Design
  • Wrongful Death
  • Malicious Intent
  • Negligence
  • Recklessness
  • Intoxicated Drivers or Operators

Speak to an Attorney About a Motor Vehicle Accident

Severe motor vehicle accidents can often leave victims in excessive pain, with mental and emotional stress as well as negative impacts on a family. If you or someone you love has been a victim of a motor vehicle accident, contact our expert attorneys at the law offices of Daniel A. Gibalevich for a free legal consultation. Personal injury accidents are time sensitive and we are ready to assist you in establishing your claim today. Please call us at  (323) 947-2224.

Every year 300,000 people are injured in motor vehicle crashes on California roadways. In 2011, approximately 3,750 drivers were involved in fatal crashes. With the sheer number of claims, dealing with insurance companies for injuries or losses in such accidents is not simple, quick, or easy. People expect the responsible insurance company will pay, but in fact, that is often not the case. Insurance companies have a vested interest in minimizing their financial losses. Another hurdle for the injured party to surmount is the fact that California is a tort state which requires that a party must prove fault before there is legal liability. This means that the injured party must show that the other party negligently caused the accident.

Establishing liability is key to recovering your losses. When the DAG Law Firm accepts your motor vehicle accident case, our office will establish liability, negotiate with the responsible party’s insurance company, and if necessary, directly with the defendant to reach a fair and just settlement out-of-court whenever possible. However, if a favorable settlement is not offered, Mr. Gibalevich is well qualified to bring your case to trial if necessary.

If you or your family members are a victims of a motor vehicle accident, it is critical that you speak to an qualified attorney as soon as possible in order to insure the best possible outcome in your situation.

Daniel A. Gibalevich has helped dozens of families like yours achieve significant settlement offers and favorable trial verdicts. Contact the DAG Law Firm to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION.


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Our proven track record speaks for itself. Providing our clients with the highest level of service is our top priority.

  • Although we live in the San Diego area, we retained this office to help us with the car accident that we had in LA. Great support staff and very knowledgeable attorneys. They helped us and we are very happy with their service. Terrific personal injury lawyers office and highly recommended.

  • I retained the Law Offices of Daniel Gibalevich for my personal injury case. My case was handled by personal injury attorneys Daniel and Rachel quickly and efficiently. I got my medical bills paid for and a great settlement. I would recommend them to all my family and friends!

  • Absolutely the best personal injury attorney here in Los Angeles. After being injured in a serious truck accident, I was looking for a good attorney. It is amazing how many lawyers are out there pretending to know what they are doing. Daniel and his staff really do. Daniel and Rachel were available to personally answer my many questions. He offered sound advice and made sure I was well taken care of. I got the help that I needed and a great settlement too. I am very grateful for the personal attention and care and will absolutely use him again

  • Really needed a top notch personal injury attorney here in Los Angeles to help me. I was in a serious car accident and the insurance company was not very helpful. Turns out, you are not always in good hands!!!! Daniel's team are top notch. They really spent the time learning about me, my injuries and my needs. Daniel took time out of his schedule to just sit and listen. That is rare now a days but he did. After a fight, I got proper compensation, had my injuries tended to and my car fixed. Very impressed.

    Thank you Daniel!!

  • To my fellow Yelpers -
    I'd like to say Law Offices of Daniel Gibalevich is AWESOME! I had the pleasure to have Daniel help me with my case and he not only was sensitive an understanding to my needs but also made time for me whenever I needed to ask a question or see him.
    He returned my calls and emails immediately and always kept me informed throughout the whole process of the case.
    Most lawyers are hard to get a hold of, you have to wait for a response or your emails don't get returned, not with Daniel. He TRULY made me feel like he was my very own personal lawyer and was going above and beyond with my case. I felt like I was in good hands and he was the voice I needed to wind my case!
    Thank you Daniel for all you do, I will DEFINATELY recommend him and his office to all my family and friends.

  • I spoke with Bianca on the phone regarding a car accident I recently was in. Even though I could not be represented due to my accident's circumstance, she didn't just blow me off to hopelessly figure something else out on my own like other lawyers. Instead, she tried to help me as much as she could to steer me in the right direction in handling this case. Thank you so much Bianca! Reach out to her if you get in an accident.

    This office also does Tenant representation and takes more cases than just personal injury.

  • Rachel and Ashley were knowledgable and friendly but still aggressive when it came to my case. It was really great to feel like they were looking out for my best interest.

    Rachel answered all my questions and gave me the honest feedback I needed. While I hope I never have another injury to see them about again, i wouldn't consider going anywhere else.

  • I can't say enough amazing things about this law firm. They have been by my side since day one... I first spoke with Blanca Meza, and then Veronica Rodas. I was a complete mess on the phone, especially the first few phone calls, and not only did they both comfort me (through my tears and anxiety attacks, no joke!) but they also helped me get all of the necessary paperwork in a very timely manner, and they were always there for me, returned calls, emails, and for lack of better words, have always had my back. I live in the Sacramento area, and they didn't even think twice about taking my case on. Mid 2014 is when I first sought their services and signed up with them. Due to the sensitive and difficult nature of my particular case, I knew, we all knew, that this wasn't going to be a speedy process!

    Moving forward, as 2017 approaches, and my case is wrapping up, and in the final stages, I have now been working closely with Ashley Soto (who has been SO helpful with all of my "discovery" paperwork questions) and Rachel Fishenfeld. I had the pleasure of meeting Rachel in person when she took time out of her busy schedule to meet me in Sacramento when she was here for a business trip. It was so nice!

    Again, these ladies have been rockstars... by my side non-stop, answering my questions, helping to guide me, understanding my stress, anxiety, and helping to calm me down. These people have ALL seen me as more than just a client, but as a human being, with feelings, stress, anxiety, and someone who has gone through hell and back. I trust my case with them 100% and trust that justice will be served and that I WILL come out on top of this horrible situation that I am in. I know that at times I have asked silly questions, had silly things on my mind, and honestly have been a little grumpy at times (I've always apologized, but that's what stress can do to someone) and they've never made me feel stupid, have never been grumpy back to me, and have honestly always been the most understanding, compassionate human beings.

    I feel so grateful that I discovered this law firm, and recommend them from the bottom of my heart. Thank you Law Offices of Daniel A Gibalevich!

  • From the moment Daniel (the owner of the firm) and Reichel (my atterney assigned to my case) started repesenting me, they took excellent care of me and fought hard for me. They where able to get more than I expected. They kept in contact with me constantly, and if I ever had a question or concern, they addressed it. I would highly recommend them to anybody with a case that they want to win and get the most for it.

  • I had my case moved from another attorney to Daniels law office and finally got the right place. My case is back on track. I had to go to the office to sign some paperwork. I was well greeted and the staff explained my case and my status.

    Daniel is very professional and the staff he works with is great. Highly recommend him.

View the different kinds of personal injury cases we handle below

Our proven track record speaks for itself. Providing our clients with the highest level of service is our top priority.

If you or loved ones have been injured let us support and help you during this difficult time. Our firm’s award winning attorneys provide aggressive representation and peace of mind. Personal Injury Rights Defenders is conveniently located in Los Angeles and provides a risk free consutlation.

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