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Amusement parks are a favored source of entertainment

For tourists and locals alike, amusement and theme parks are a long time and favored source of entertainment in southern California. In addition, a large variety of other types of parks such as water parks, county fairs, and carnivals are also favorites and provide many thrills for a large number of visitors. Well known parks with large advertising budgets spend large amounts of money to increase popularity and revenue of their facilities and so they frequently add new thrill rides or promote the latest adventure. These ordinarily carefree zones sometimes prove to be, unintentionally, a dangerous and hazardous form of entertainment for families, children and teens.

News reports of accidents and mishaps also seemingly increase as higher, faster, and even more thrilling rides appear. Some new rides prove unsafe, poorly designed or maintained and may cause serious personal injury and even fatalities. These reports often detail accounts of whiplash, head and neck injuries, and whiplash. Due to the increasing number of claims and to avoid damage to their parks’ reputation, amusement park operators will aggressively fight claims for any injuries or wrongful deaths. Due to this hard line stance by park operators, injured parties are advised to seek council from a qualified premises liability attorney.

 Theme Park Accidents That Result in Death

In a very recent case, a major amusement park filed its response in district court to the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of a women killed in a roller coaster accident. The woman fell 75 feet to her death while riding the latest giant roller coaster.

Court documents indicate the park operators denied any liability in the death of the rider in part because it was not the manufacturer or designer that was a fault.

In some cases injuries are caused quite by accident. There are cases however, that if the proper precautions were taken by the owner or manager of the property, these injuries could have been avoided altogether. The amusement park operator stated it was following maintenance and inspection procedures recommended by manufacturer of the roller coaster. It also pointed out that about 2.5 million people had been on the roller coaster before the incident.

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