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Bars, casinos, theaters, and restaurants all have a financial interest in being appealing and inviting to their patrons. In the quest to appear glamorous, sexy, and a little bit mysterious quite often the “mood” lighting is barely adequate for safe passage of the area. The goal of achieving an aura of mystery is not an excuse to create hazardous situations for patrons of any establishment.

When dim lighting leads to a trip, fall, or slip on somebody else’s property, it becomes crucial to determine how dimly the premises was lit and that it was done so to an unsafe degree. Any contributing factors such as lack of handrails and defective flooring that add to the dangerous conditions should be considered when determining liability for the accident.

A California woman was on an excursion to a destination city and took the opportunity to visit a local casino. There, she had the unfortunate experience of encountering just such a combination of poor lighting and other unsafe conditions. She was on her way to the a bar located inside casino when she slipped and fell on a platform. She fell due to the lack of handrails, guardrails and warning signs on the platform. Low and distracting lighting also contributed to her inability to tell distance.

The woman sought medical treatment from a physician at a local emergency room who advised her to seek the guidance of an orthopedic surgeon. Upon returning to California, she was told by an orthopedist that she had sustained a fracture in the fall and would need surgery.

In that the casino failed to provide safe conditions for it’s patrons, it is accused of negligence and therefore should be held liable in this case.

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