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Light Rail and Commuter Lines Are Becoming More Utilized

With the growing popularity of the light rail and commuter lines, more California residents are utilizing public transportation. Even in smaller cities there may be dozens of routes run almost around the clock. Unfortunately, an increased number of light rail injuries has accompanied the trend. In particular, collisions with cars and other street traffic are also increasingly common and result in many accidents and injuries.

Struck by a METRO Light Rail train

Unfortunate victims of the growing trend in light rail accidents, two people were critically hurt when the car they were in collided with a light rail train in Tempe.

A Tempe Police Department spokeswoman said the crash happened about 11:35 a.m. Thursday at Apache Boulevard and Price Road northbound, near the Loop 101. The rail tracks in this area run parallel to the adjacent car lane, with only a painted line to separate the two.

Firefighters got the two people out of the car and took them to the hospital. The extent of their injuries is unknown.

Traffic was delayed in the area for more than an hour.

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