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A recent truck accident on a major bridge spurred state legislators to successfully call for the National Transportation Safety Board to begin an investigation into bridge safety. On modern interstate thoroughfares, the potential for a collision with commercial truck is ever present. When such a collision occurs on bridge, it causes many to question the inherent safety of these structures.

Another accident on the same bridge was also caused by distracting driving, and officials are “taking a closer look” to evaluate safety on the bridge.

First Driving Trip in the United States

A new immigrant to Canada was on his first trip driving in the United States alone when he became distracted and caused a collision at a particularly dangerous location.

He was the driver of a tractor trailer that collided with a car on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge , sending the car and its 23-year-old driver over a guard rail and into the water below.

“The car hit the water. My mouth filled up with water. The car was sinking faster than I expected,” the woman said.

After her car hit the water, the driver was able to free herself from her seat belt, swim to the surface and reach rocks of a nearby pier abutment, local transit authorities said. She was transported to nearby shock trauma center, where she was treated for minor injuries.

In light of what could have happened, the truck driver got off fairly easy. He was charged with failure to control speed to avoid a collision, unsafe lane changing, and traveling at a speed greater than reasonable and prudent on a highway, which each carry a $130 fine; and with negligent driving, which carries a $280 fine.

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